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Frequently Answered Questions

Please take a moment to review this page. We hope that most questions parents have can be answered here.

Rainouts and Field Care

1. Who decides if a game is rained out? 

The League President or some other Board Member will make the decision after inspecting the fields.  Generally speaking, this is an easy decision because once the fields become soaked and slippery, it is a very time consuming project to make them playable again. Once a game starts, all decision to play or continue a game is up to the Home Plate Umpire, who is the only person who can stop a game once it has begun. Lightning will also cut a game short without any rain present.  Obviously, safety is a concern here and MSJLL will always err on the side of caution.

2. How can I find out if a game is rained out? 

This is the more difficult question.  As noted above, if a decision is reached early enough, it will be posted on the Website (  However, if the decision is later, there is not enough time to call everybody that might be playing that day.  When possible, check with your Manager to see if they have been notified.  Most Managers will attempt to contact their players once they know the game has been rained out, which is why it is important that Managers have as much contact information as possible.  If you have not been contacted, then it is best to simply go to the field and find out.  Don’t be fooled by the weather conditions at your house or office.  Numerous times it is raining in one part of town and nothing at the field.  If you don’t know, then continue to the field.

3. During game days, is there someone on duty to respond to issues and ensure operations run smoothly?

Yes.  There will always be a Field Director on duty during games.  Field Directors are available to respond to issues that may arise during the day.  Additional duties that Field Directors have include:

  • Unlocking & locking field house, bathrooms, score booths, etc.
  • Setting up & putting away cones used for no parking areas
  • Monitor and address restroom cleanliness, trash levels, and supplies
  • Raise flags
  • Ensuring fields are prepared on time and monitoring field conditions
  • Report any safety/maintenance issues to League Safety Officer and President

4. What is the normal process to care for and maintain the fields?

Managers and coaches are responsible to ensure the fields at MSJLL receive routine care after all games and practices.  This includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Water grass edges
  • Rake, level holes, low spots around bases and pitching mound
  • Remove bases, install plugs and put bases away correctly
  • Remove any pitching screens or any other equipment used from infield
  • Cover pitching mound
  • Remove all trash from fields and dugouts
  • Lock up field
  • Place key into score booth and lock booth
  • Check to make sure bathrooms and field house are locked up.


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