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Frequently Answered Questions

Please take a moment to review this page. We hope that most questions parents have can be answered here.

Teams and Tryouts

1. How are teams formed?

All teams from T-ball division through Senior division will be drafted.  The higher divisions, Minor American through Seniors, have tryouts.  The tryouts are simply a way to assure a fair distribution of talent among the teams in each division, as the managers take notes and then conduct the draft. Please review the current league schedule for tryout dates.

2. Can I request a specific manager and/or that my child play with their friends on the same team?

In the T-Ball and Farm divisions we will try to honor special requests.  However, we do not guarantee the request will be met.  In Minor American through Senior divisions, we do not accept special play requests.  Teams in these divisions are selected via the draft process.

3. What are tryouts? 

A tryout is an event that the League holds in which a player's current baseball skills are evaluated and assessed by Little League division managers.  Players will be rated on the following skills: (1) Fielding fly balls (2) Fielding ground balls (3) Throwing (4) Batting and (5) Running. Depending on the number of players, tryouts will generally run somewhere between 90 minutes to two hours.  Tryouts are scheduled throughout the day in various groups, typically organized by league age.

All players with League Age of 8 or higher MUST attend at least 50% of tryouts for his/her age group and are strongly encouraged to attend all tryouts.  Players who cannot meet such a requirement, must notify the league and provide a reason to the Chief Player Agent in order to be considered as part of the draft or placed on a team.  High school players are the only exception.

4. We have finished tryouts.  How do I know what team my child is on?

The draft is typically held 1–2 weeks after tryouts.  MSJLL asks that all Managers contact their players within one week after the draft to set up their first meeting or practice.  If you have not been contacted within that time, please contact the Player Agent.

5. Can players play "up"?

MSJLL strongly believes in its draft procedure’s ability to appropriately place players. Players with concerns regarding their assignment to a certain Division should discuss those concerns with the Player Agent, the Chief Player Agent, and/or the President prior to the draft so that those concerns can be adequately communicated to the drafting managers. Ultimately, the decision to move the child up will be made by the managers during the draft or in conjunction with recommendations from the Player Agents and Board.

6. How are teams drafted?

For Minor National and higher divisions, provided there is more than one team in the division, MSJLL employs a draft process to determine teams based on the Little League operating manual, plan B, “Methods for Existing Leagues”. All divisions will redraft in Majors and above following guidelines in the current Little League operating manual, plan B under “Methods for Existing Leagues”. Minor American and lower divisions, teams will be selected by player agent with input from division managers.

7. If there is a need for additional players at a higher level, what is the “call-up” process?

In the event a Major or Minor National division player is unable to continue playing with MSJLL, a player may be called up from the lower division.  The player agent for each division will maintain a list of eligible players and provide the names to the manager requesting a new player.  The requesting manager decides which eligible player to approach, if the player decides not to move up, then the manager continues to his/her next choice.  It is the Little League philosophy to encourage players to move up, however MSJLL recognizes that it is the player’s choice and therefore no player will be forced to move up.  

8. What if I have an issue with my child's manager or my child is unhappy with the team they are placed on?

Speak with the manager about your concerns.  Ninety-nine percent of the time this will take care of the issue.  If you still are not satisfied, your next contact would be the Player Agent for that Division. Only in extreme cases does the league allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed.  Team balance is established early on, and changes of this type are difficult, if not impossible, to implement without upsetting the balance that has been established. If you feel the issue is critical you are always free to contact the President/VP/CPA directly.

9. When are team photos taken? 

The manager or Team Parent will communicate specific dates for Team and individual photos to parents.  Team pictures are typically taken within the first month of the season at MSJLL.  Makeup day tends to be in May if you missed picture day for your individual picture or you want it retaken because you don't like the one taken in March.


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